The Health Industry Has A New Flex

Without more supplements or hours at the gym.

Have you noticed it’s a bit tougher to go up the stairs lately or lift that load of laundry?

Adults over 40 tend to lose 3%-8% of their muscle mass every year. It can quickly lead to sarcopenia if you’re declining faster than normal. This severe condition caused by higher than average loss of muscle mass and strength leads to a series of complications that include loss of mobility and independence. Although diet and exercise can help prevent further loss, there’s more you can do to stay ahead of your health with just 10 minutes a day.

If you’re unable to exercise for longer than 2-3 weeks,
sarcopenia muscle loss

Signs You're At Risk

Adults reach peak muscle mass in their 40s.

But it can quickly decline without proper prevention.
NASA scientists found a way to combat this without drugs

Introducing the Marodyne LiV Device: Your Home-Based Muscle Machine

Gentle Solutions with At-Home Convenience

This safe device is certified for several health benefits.
  • Build muscle strength and mass in your legs.
  • Stimulate blood circulation & lymphatic flow.
  • Relieve minor aches & pains in your body.
  • Improve your balance, coordination, & postural control.
  • Speed up your bone growth after an operation.
  • Improve bone health.
Young Lady Standing on Marodyne Liv Device | Marodyne LiV

How exactly does this muscle miracle work?

Well, it may sound too good to be true.

Marodyne LiV Device | Marodyne LiV osteoporosis treatment

Canadians are embracing a new outlook on health

With drug-free, preventative options
I ordered a platform from the distributor in Calgary in Sept of 2021. I am using it specifically to improve my bone density, but I believe that it has been very beneficial for my general health. It has been particularly helpful to have it during the coldest days in January when it is harder to get outside and be active. I find it excellent for all the reasons described in the literature. My husband is now also using it for muscle stimulation for his legs.
Andrea, Ottawa
NASA Logo | Marodyne LiV

The Science Behind NASA-Inspired Technology

Compact enough for Canadian homes.
Astronaut Floating in Space | Marodyne LiV

In 2006, 48 young women participated in a study that suffered from early low bone mineral density. They were split into 2 groups.

One group was subject to low-level whole body vibrations, just like the Marodyne LiV device, where the other half just stood on a platform.

The active group only required 10 minutes a day on this device to achieve phenomenal benefits.

Once re-evaluated, the active group showed remarkable results compared to the control group. Researchers concluded that these short bouts of low vibration stimulated the muscles to increase mass, as well as bone mineral density.

Astronaut Floating in Space | Marodyne LiV

Proven Results with Clinical Studies

Led to an easy, compact device you can keep at your desk or under your bed.

Sarcopenia can lead to a series of health problems and complications. Do you have 10 minutes a day to build better muscles? With the Marodyne LiV device, you don’t have to schedule another session at the gym to get the benefits.

Do you want to add something fun to your fitness routine for building lean muscle?

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